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Dropper Assembly
A Dropper Assembly is a pharmaceutical device used in industrial settings, ranging from 58mm to 110mm in size. Comprised of plastic material with a glass dropper, it facilitates precise dispensing of liquids. Available in multicolor variants, it ensures accurate dosage delivery for various pharmaceutical applications.

Dropper Bottle
A Dropper Bottle is a round glass container with a capacity of 10-30 milliliters (ML), used in various industrial applications. It comes in multicolor options and includes a one-year warranty. Serving as a versatile tool, it facilitates precise dispensing of liquids with a built-in dropper mechanism, ensuring accurate dosing.

Rubber Stoppers
Rubber Stoppers are elastomeric closures, typically grey or multicolored, with a hardness of 70 Shore A. They are utilized in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and industrial settings to seal containers and equipment. Their flexibility and chemical resistance make them ideal for sealing vials, flasks, and tubes, ensuring airtight storage and containment.

Flexible Rubber Teats
Flexible Rubber Teats, with a diameter of either 10mm or 12mm and a length of 2 inches, are manufactured in India. Made of rubber, they come in colors like red, green, and yellow. Packaged in packets, these teats serve various purposes such as nursing bottles, syringes, or laboratory equipment for controlled liquid dispensing.

Plastic Caps
Plastic Caps, featuring a 1-year warranty, are used for sealing bottles in pharmaceutical applications. Available in diameters of 16mm or 20mm, they are made of worm-embossed plastic material, ensuring secure closure. Their white color complements pharmaceutical packaging. These caps guarantee product integrity, preventing contamination and ensuring safe storage of medications.

A Plastic HDPE Jar is designed for industrial use, offering a matte surface finish. Constructed from durable plastic material, it has a capacity of 1 Kg/day, ideal for storage purposes. With a sleek black color and a one-year warranty, it ensures reliable containment, safeguarding products in various industrial storage applications.

Essential Oil Bottle
An Essential Oil Bottle is a type of round glass container designed for varied industrial usages. With a capacity of 50 milliliters (ML), it's ideal for storing essential oils. Featuring a classic brown color and backed by a one-year warranty, it ensures safe and long-lasting containment, preserving the integrity of aromatic oils.

Glass Droppers
Glass Droppers, with capacities ranging from 1ml to 30ml, feature cap diameters of 13mm, 16mm, and 18mm. Primarily used for diagnostic or sample dropper applications, they are crafted from glass material and available in multicolor variants. These droppers offer precise and reliable dispensing, perfect for varied scientific and medical purposes.

A Plastic Shaker Bottle, crafted from durable plastic, is designed for beverage industrial use. Its round shape and milky white color lend a classic aesthetic. Backed by a one-year warranty, it's perfect for storing water and juice. Featuring a flip top cap, it ensures convenient access and secure closure for on-the-go hydration needs.

HDPE Bottle
An HDPE Bottle, rigid in hardness, is utilized primarily in pharmaceutical applications. With a capacity of 15 ml, it offers reliable storage for medications and solutions. Its white color ensures a clean and professional appearance, while the durable HDPE material provides strength and integrity for pharmaceutical products' containment and distribution.

Effervescent tablets are formulated with key ingredients like plastics, typically packaged in bottles of 3000 tablets. They don't require a prescription and are suitable for all age groups. Effervescent tablets dissolve in water, releasing bubbles and creating a fizzy solution, offering a convenient and enjoyable method for consuming various supplements or medications.

Lotion Pump
The Lotion Pump, specifically designed for serum and lotion dispensing, is made of rigid plastic with a round shape. It features an 18mm size and comes in white and black colors. Backed by a one-year warranty, this pump ensures efficient and controlled dispensing of skincare products, enhancing user convenience and product longevity.